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“Off the Record was such a fun read.  Full of interesting, colorful characters and places that I could easily picture in my mind.  A great mystery story with a bit of an education into the court reporting profession. Most of us court reporters don't have as exciting adventures as our dear Shae! I can't wait to follow Shae through more adventures."  - Veronica Williams, RPR

"Great plot! I loved it!" - Doreen Sutton, RPR, CSR, CR, FAP

"Creating the story in transcript form was genius!  - Judy Pisani, Court Reporter

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As a busy court reporter in a small Idaho town, Shae Rose ordinarily minds her own business; sharing a duplex with two elderly sisters, Bernice and Clarabelle Darling, riding a Harley on Fine sunny summer weekends, and devoting time to her Chihuahua, Hercules. And though she is privy to people's legal troubles, large and small, she leaves her work at the deposition room door.  She wouldn't dream of meddling.


All of that changes when Shae finds herself embroiled in a case involving a wealthy prominent local family.  At first the case appears straightforward, but the court reporter soon discovers dark secrets lay just beneath the sheen of the family's polished exterior.


Her troubles begin after taking possession of an unusual deposition exhibit.  Intrusions and personal attacks ensue, confirming a horrible truth: Shae has become the unwitting central player in events that have been forty years in the making.  It doesn't take long for Shae to realize that someone is willing to do anything to keep the truth from being revealed.


With her career and her very life on the line, she accepts the aid of the handsome Sergeant Jackson Landers. As his investigation heats up, so does Shae's attraction to Jax, as he's known by his friends. But can she reveal her suspicions to him?


Will Shae be able to protect herself and those she loves, help solve a mystery, while maintaining her mandated professional confidentiality?



Diana Kilpatrick's debut novel, "Off the Record," introduces us to Shae Rose, a feisty and loveable court reporter who lifts the veiled curtain, offering a unique and entertaining peek into the secretive world of deposition court reporting.

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