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“Living for Christ is not easy.  In a world that pursues other values, following Christ requires one to make difficult choices.


Diana’s story is a very candid account of an early life devoted to Christ, poor choices, and then the courage to stand with Christ while under tremendous pressure.  This book will prompt the reader to ask, “Could I do that?” and to ponder what is truly important in life.


WHEN MOUNTAINS DON'T MOVE, A True Story of Faith Under Fire,  is a thrilling account of redemption and purpose.  It will inspire and challenge readers to live a life of courageous faith!”


--Mark Hubbell,  Northwest Area Director, Prison Fellowship

Betrayal, the barrel of a gun, and a jail cell. A true story fraught with drama, wrapped in humor, and filled with the miraculous intervention of God.

Because she refused to testify against her husband for actions she had already forgiven, Diana Weinberger, a former missionary, was incarcerated in an Idaho jail - a jail in which she had already volunteered for a year in prison ministry!


Diana's marriage was on the rocks.  Years of wandering from her Christian roots had led this former YWAM missionary down paths she would later regret.  She and her husband, both successful career professionals, divided their time between the world of work and the world of play - a world of bikers and wild parties.  By day, Diana was a respected court reporter, her husband, Larry, the owner of a flourishing dental laboratory.  But weekends had them on the road with questionable companions and too much alcohol.  Lonely and desperate, Diana made a choice one night that would haunt her and lead to catastrophe a decade later.


Now she found herself in a courtroom on the other side of the bench from where she had tapped out court proceedings, and then in a cell within the very facility where she had led women's Bible studies.  She would not testify against Larry when he was arrested for domestic violence, and, to her dismay she learned that "spousal privilege" did not necessarily apply in this case.  


Her career and her ministry were in jeopardy, as well as her personal safety behind bars.  Would God bring good from the choice she had made from her conscience?  Would her forgiving heart win mercy for herself, her husband and her future?


Join Diana as she struggles through the dark days that led to incarceration and redemption.  Follow her as she learns that God can turn the direst circumstances to His glory.

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