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What Others Are Saying!

This book has truly opened my eyes to how the Lord can change even the worst situations. Diana, you have written this with no limitations from your own emotions and I truly felt it on a personal level, even though I have not been through half of what you've been through. Thank you for sharing such a personal story that will touch so many.


Susie G., March 8, 2018

I just finished the BOOK. The book we have all been hearing about, When Mountains Don't Move. It was wonderful, inspiring, frightening, loving, moving, thought- provoking, and so much more that there are not words to say. If you have not read it yet, please put it on your "I must do this next" list.

Robin Sawyer, March 8, 2018

Diana is a brilliant new author, not only because she has a riveting, profoundly moving story, but because of her ability to share it with talent and literary grace. I was moved to tears, laughter, and introspection. 


You will never forget the experience of reading WHEN MOUNTAINS DON'T MOVE, A True Story of Faith Under Fire. It is that good! 


Ellen Traylor

August 30, 2016

“This real life story is an intriguing and riveting account of Diana’s roller coaster journey through a nightmare of circumstances and choices. Diana’s ability to paint a picture of her experience in prison had me feeling as though I was right there with her, in the jail cell.  


Her recorded thoughts are raw and transparent.  It left me amazed at God’s faithfulness and power to change the human heart and bring His children through unbelievable trials.”

Michael Hendricks
Pastor, The Life Church
Hailey, Idaho - August 29, 2016

“Living for Christ is not easy.  In a world that pursues other values, following Christ requires one to make difficult choices.


Diana’s story is a very candid account of an early life devoted to Christ, poor choices, and then the courage to stand with Christ while under tremendous pressure.  This book will prompt the reader to ask, “Could I do that?” and to ponder what is truly important in life.


WHEN MOUNTAINS DON'T MOVE, A True Story of Faith Under Fire,  is a thrilling account of redemption and purpose.  It will inspire and challenge readers to live a life of courageous faith!”


Mark Hubbell

 Northwest Area Director

 Prison Fellowship - August 27, 2016

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